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Junior Clinics

Frog Hollow Racquet Club has been an innovator and leader in tennis for all levels of junior development – 10 and under, middle school/high school, and competitive tournament tennis.  Our goal is to provide a learning environment that’s both fun and challenging for recreational and high performance junior tennis players.  Frog Hollow Racquet Club programs will emphasize:  technical development, tactical training, and problem solving/leadership skills.  Regardless of your goal, Frog Hollow Racquet Club will provide the highest level of professionalism to help each family reach their on court goals.

Drop Shots •  Ages 5 - 7

This clinic is a fun tennis experience for first time players. It is a beginner's clinic to introduce players to Frog Hollow and teach tennis fundamentals: ground strokes, volleys, and serves. This clinic offers players the basics needed to truly enjoy this lifetime sport!

Aces | Ages 7 - 10

This clinic is for players that want to gain confidence in all strokes. This player also would like to improve their shot selection, ball control, and power with all shots. This clinic will consist of fast-paced drills, point play, and strategy training.

Top Spinners | Ages 10 - 12

Drills in this clinic will focus on consistency, shot selections, winning patterns of play and developing a game style.

Teen Tennis | Ages 13 - 18

Strategy and communication are the keys to winning doubles matches. Learn to move as a team, implement point patterns, improve shot selections, and expose opponents weakness.

High Performance Training | Ages 13+

This clinic offers singles and doubles drills in a fast-paced environment. Drills are designed to help players take their game to the next level. The most important element of this clinic will be games based drills designed to teach strategy and tactics.

FILA Junior

Players in this drill have established moderate consistency, placement and depth, but need to work on executing these skills in game situations.  Players will work on more aggressive tactics and transitional tactics.   Players will work on their variety, consistency, placement and depth in order to improve their overall playing level.   2 days per week required participation in the FILA Junior clinic; approval by a head pro.


The philosophy of this program is to teach highly motivated tournament players. Training will be designed to help players develop the tactical prowess needed to increase success during competition. All participants must be currently participating in USTA Level 6 or 7 tournaments (1 tournament per session). Level: Intermediate-Advanced Requirements: 2 days per week required participation in the FILA 2 clinic; approval by head pro


Elite training for tournament level players. The goal of the program is to produce nationally ranked juniors and college tennis players. All players should have or be in the process of obtaining a top 75 USTA Sectional Ranking. 3 days per week required participation in the FILA 3 clinic; approval by a head pro

Morning Tournament Workout

The Morning Tournament Workout is designed for players who want more hours of court time and are dedicated to pushing themselves to become better. They will be focusing on technical aspects of their game and then implementing that technique in a situational play on the court. Requires approval from the Director of Junior Programming. Players must be enrolled in FILA program clinics concurrently. All 3 mornings are required. No makeups for missed days.

Match Play

This is a part of the competitive atmosphere in the tournament pathway. This is a fun competitive in-house league play to see what the players can do throughout the indoor season to be on top! Players will be ranked on initial sign up by USTA ranking, UTR and skills shown during clinics. Every week, the players will be matched against the next person in the ladder, if they win they move up and play the next person the following week.  If they lose they will move down the ladder to play their next challenger following week. All players must be signed up for a FILA clinic in the same session to participate.


All clinics have a player minimum to run as scheduled. 

Private Lessons

Frog Hollow offers private tennis lessons or semi-private tennis lessons for players who want individual instruction or have their own group that they want to take group tennis lessons with. Private tennis instruction is an excellent way to work on a particular area of your game.


Having a coach present during a tournament is an important part of the player development process. Your coach is able to see players play during a competitive environment outside of Frog Hollow.


Level Up

Are you ready for the next level? Check out how to advance to the next level clinic or camp!


Learn more about Junior Program policies, make up and  club rules.