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Frog Hollow Contracts

Would you like to have a tennis court on a fixed day and at a fixed time? Frog Hollow Racquet Club offers tennis contracts to meet your needs! Book a contract court for an entire season and you will have your own court at a time that suits you. Whether you want to play singles or doubles on that court, or take a lesson from one of our pros, it's up to you. Contracts are a great time to get together with friends to play and have fun! For more information, pricing and schedules click the downloads below or call us at (610) 584-5502. 

Other Important Contract Information

Weather Information:

As you are aware, sometimes during contract season Frog Hollow needs to close or open late as a result of snow.  This can cause contracts to be moved or rescheduled. Please inform all of your players, that in case of inclement weather, they should call Frog Hollow or visit to check if we will be closed.  If there are changes in hours, or the club is closed, we will have a detailed voice mail message that will indicate the club’s hours and opening/closing status.  If the club is closed during your scheduled time, your contract will be allowed a “make up” contract time.  **This make-up will be added to the end of the indoor contract season on your regularly scheduled day and time.

Sub Rules:

We are excited to have new players at the club, so we allow you to have guests or non-members sub on any contract up to 3 times without purchasing a membership.  If you bring a guest to play in your contract, they must check-in at the front desk.  After they have “subbed” 3 times on any contract they must either pay a guest fee of $10.00 on each visit or purchase a membership.  If your guest does not pay at the time of their visit, the contract captain will be charged this fee.


Contract players have 2 options to participate: players may either purchase a membership to the club or pay a $90 contract fee for the season. A contract fee differs from a membership in that it simply allows players to participate in a contract; it does not provide discounted rates on programs, courts, lessons, etc. like a membership to the club would offer. Memberships for players that are new to the club can purchase online HERE. For current or past players, membership must be purchased either at the club or via an email link sent directly to the player. If you'd like to have an email sent with membership information, please click HERE to request the link.


Contracts must be paid in full, player rosters finalized and memberships/contract fees purchased for all players by August 31.


Please note that the contract calendar, pricing, and membership information can all be found above; this is an easy way of sharing this information with your contract group.  

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Becca Cohen or Bonnie Conway by calling (610) 584-5502 or emailing or

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