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  • What is the Frog Hollow Junior Program System?
    Our program uses a three-part system, clinics, private lessons, and match play. Juniors need all three in order to be well rounded. Clinics allow players to learn parts of the game against players their own skill level they would see in a tournament or a school match. Private lessons allow pros to teach players technique in a one-on-one environment that will help the player learn how to control the ball to be more successful. That technique can be practiced in clinics during drills as well as match play, where they will play others at a variety of skill levels to understand what they do well and what still needs improvement. If only one of these pieces is being participated in, then some part of the development is missing for that player.
  • Can my child try out a clinic?
    We offer a drop-in option which is a pay per clinic option. If you want to try it out, then you can pay for the clinic that day and see if it’s the right fit for your player. If you want to try out a Fila clinic or High Performance clinic, your player needs to be approved by the Director of Juniors for the drop in prior to attendance.
  • What does my child need to bring to their clinic?
    An appropriately sized racquet; Drop shots 19-23 inch, Aces 23-25 inch, Top Spinners 25-27 inch and Teen Tennis 27 inch racquet. If you do not have a racquet, please visit our pro shop! A water bottle/sports drink. Tennis shoes that tie. Velcro and slip-on shoes should not be worn.
  • How long is my child going to stay in this level before they move up?
    This is what juniors and parents always want to know and never ask. This is dependent on your junior’s goal in tennis and how often they play in the program. If they come to 1 clinic a week, it will take very long in the level they are currently at, if they come to 2 clinics a week, 1 lesson a week, 1 match play, then they will progress at a fast rate. Each player learns and advances at their own rate, so there is no clear-cut answer. If you feel your player should move up, please take a look at our LEVEL UP page to see the test and schedule an evaluation with our Director of Juniors.
  • What is better - private lessons or clinics?
    Please refer back to the questions regarding the our Junior Programs System. We understand that it’s difficult scheduling all of these options, so we’d suggest a clinic first, as they will be playing against other players their level.
  • What is match play?
    Match play is a time where players come in and play a full match against another player within the program. Sometimes the players will be above in skill level, other times at skill level, and others below skill level. This is to mirror the idea that when you play in a tournament, for school, or recreationally, you will play one of these three scenarios and the player must understand how to play in each environment.
  • How many clinics do juniors typically sign up for a week?
    This depends on your goals, if your player is recreational or is just trying the game of tennis, then one clinic a week makes sense. If your goals are to be a USTA ranked player or play in college, then 2-4 times a week is typical.
  • How do I get my child involved in tournaments?
    There are USTA tournaments – - and there are UTR events - - you can filter to your players skill level and find local or national events.
  • I see you have two different tracks for classes; what is the difference?
    Developmental – this pathway was developed for the players starting out in the game of tennis and who occasionally want to play. Their goals are to play in middle school or high school. Overall, they are looking to play tennis recreationally or socially for fun. Tournament – this pathway is designed for players who want to compete at a higher level of the game, meaning USTA Tournaments, UTR events, be singles on their high school team and eventually play in college. This is a higher commitment and needs a plan to follow for the player, parent, and coach.
  • How does my child connect with other players?
    Parents can talk to each other on the balcony and get their players to play together for walk on court time, see below. Players can also sign up on the bulletin board to let others know they want to play more! We’ve had many players get together from both methods. If the players are older and more comfortable, do not hesitate to talk to each other in their clinic about getting together!
  • What are other ways that my child can play?
    We offer walk on court time for junior members. This means that if your child is a member and you find another junior player you want to play with that is also a member, you can come in during a time where there are empty courts and walk on an empty court. Please see our walk on rules HERE.
  • How do make ups work?
    There is 1 clinic make-up allowed per session - and it must be made up DURING the session the class was missed. Classes may be made up only if you call to notify the club before the missed class. There are no make-ups allowed for match play. Please call or stop by the front desk to schedule your make up class.
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