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Having a coach present during a tournament is an important part of the player development process:
  • Coach is able to see players play during a competitive environment outside of Frog Hollow.

  • Assist with creating/reshaping pre and post match routines.

  • Assist with creating game plans.

  • Providing post match options.

Tournament coaching includes:

  1. Pre-match coaching of all matches for the day.

  2. Pre-match scouting of opponents.

  3. Coaching during split sets.

  4. Post match debriefing for all matches for the day.

  5. End of the day wrap up and analysis of matches played.



Contact your Frog Hollow professional on staff to book. 

Tournament must be booked with pro three (3) weeks prior to the tournament. 

Pro will meet player and parents 1 hour before match at the tournament site. 


$300 per day for a local tournament and
$350 per day (plus hotel and travel expenses) if tournament is two hours or more away


Tournament coaching fee must be paid in full at least 1 week prior to tournament. If a player does not cancel prior to 72 hours in advance of the first day of the tournament (i.e. day of the tournament is the first day the tournament is scheduled at 9:00 am) there will be a 50% charge incurred – NO EXCEPTIONS!!

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