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Check out Pickleball at Frog Hollow! With 6 Lined Pickleball courts, certified pickleball coaches, leagues, and more, we've got just the right Pickleball play for you! 

Junior Pickleball

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Junior Pickleball League

•   Session Dates: March 10 - April 14 | no matches on 3/31 

•   Sundays 5:30-6:30 PM
•    $20 per player/session
•    Beginner/Intermediate (must know the rules and know how to keep score) 


•    Register as an individual and indicate the high school the player attends
•    Frog will assign players by high school
•    Register as a team and indicate your high school, send the team list to Mauri Johnson (
•    Minimum four to five players per team
•    There is a player minimum for this program to run as scheduled
•    There are no credits/refunds for cancelations

•    Register by March 5th at 10:00 am

Team Makeup:
•    1 singles court / 2 doubles courts


•    A team will be designated as the home team each week. The Home team will select either Side or Serve. 
•    The Home team will also be in charge of tracking the scores of the games. There will be a clipboard and a pencil for each match. The captain will record the score from each game on the roster/score sheet. 
•    No warmups, start right away
•    Play for 1 hour
•    Each team will play the best of 3 games. 
•    Must win by 2. 
•    Doubles team 1 from each team will play each other. Doubles team 2 from each team will play each other and Singles will rotate in. Doubles 1 and 2 will start and play a game to 11, Singles will jump in for whoever is done first. Then each team will rotate as games are completed.
•    If a team is tied 1-1 and time runs out in the 3rd game, the team that is ahead in the 3rd game wins, if the game is tied, play one sudden death point to determine the winner.
•    Teams with the most wins will win the league. Tiebreaker: Head to Head, if still tied, the team with the most games will be the winner.


Junior Pickleball League

Join Frog Hollow’s new High School Pickleball league for fun, social, and competitive pickleball play!  A great way to hang out with friends and meet new ones!  Teams will be grouped by high school; 1 singles court and 2 doubles courts.

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