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Frog Hollow Staff Tutorials 

How to book a court rental:

How to book a private lesson 

How to change players on a court

How to move a court & change the length of time

How to book Flex League:

How to send players a liability waiver

How to sell a membership

Clocking in and out

Updating your Club Automation home screen

Add a makeup or drop-in to a program

Registering players to a drop-in program

Registering players for a session program  

Gift Cards - how to sell and redeem 

Contract/Permanent Courts Payments and Deposits 

How to create an "add on" for Early Bird Tennis, contract fees, etc. 

How to take take a "deposit" or use a payment plan

Booking outdoor courts so price reflects correctly 

How to take payment for an open court rental when 1 player pays

Summer Camp Check in Procedures 

How to sell and use a package



How to sell a private lesson package

How to help a customer reset their password

How to update customer notification and send an SMS (text) opt in

How to Apply Discount/Coupon Codes in the POS

How to add a barcode to a Player's Frog Hollow App

How to Use the Check In Scanner

How Customer Can Change Payment Method in App 

How To Remove and Add On

How To Add a Sub For Pickleball or In House League

How To Register Players for Summer Camp

How to take a payment for a contract balance due

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