The Future of Tennis is at Frog Hollow Racquet Club 

How PlaySight can Add To Your Game: 

Every time you use the SmartCourt at Frog Hollow, your activity is automatically recorded, analyzed, and saved to the PlaySight cloud where you can access it any time through the on-court kiosk, at or with the PlaySight app. Watch, share and compare your videos and performance with your family, friends and opponents.  

Use PlaySight during a Frog Hollow or USTA Sanctioned tournament.  Players may request to have complete match statistics and video uploaded to their account.

Open Play
Use PlaySight to see video and all statistics of your tennis session.  You also have the option to set up a PlaySight drill session.  If you don’t have a partner use the ball machine.  (Open court rate and ball machine fees are additional).

Private Lesson or Private Group Instruction
Want to work on a specific stroke and/or tactic with your tennis pro? Do you want the lesson to be a reference source on what was worked on?  Do you want to track your progression on how you are developing a stroke and/or tactic?  Track serve and stroke accuracy. Measure speed and spin of the ball. Add PlaySight to your private lesson.  Have the lesson video and analysis uploaded into your account. Some features are only available for lessons with 2 or fewer players. 

Doubles Match Review (15 minutes)
Have your match uploaded to your PlaySight account if you are playing any of Frog Hollow team tennis programs:  Bux-mont, USTA Adults, Cup, USTA Junior Team Tennis, Frog Hollow Junior Team Tennis.  A Frog Hollow pro will review and give feedback on your match and upload it directly to your PlaySight account.

PlaySight Debriefing (15 minutes)
After you have used any of the PlaySight services, have a tennis professional sit with you at the designated PlaySight Debriefing Station and discuss overall analysis of a PlaySight session you have had.  This could include but is not limited to technique and other statistical information derived from a recent PlaySight session.  Review shots from various camera angles, see where you are hitting your shots, and what part of the court you are playing your points from.  Pros will help you use data to improve your game.

For More information on PlaySight and for rates click HERE.

Register for a PlaySight Account BEFORE you go on court
→ Make sure to choose Frog Hollow as your host club from the Playsight sign up options.